Thursday, June 17, 2010

Christine in Seattle, Washington

Sida in New York, New York

And they're off!

Book 1 is with Christine in Seattle, Washington and will soon be headed to Janice and Kat in Irvine, California!

Book 2 has just left Sida in New York, New York and is off Felicity in Petersburg, Kentucky.


Hey everyone!!

Here are the guidelines for the Scrapbook Project:

1. Everybody gets a 2-page spread, as in two pages (left and right) next to each other in the book. Those two pages are yours to fill with whatever your creative mind chooses (photographs, paintings, drawings, short stories, poems, etc).

2. You have two days to complete your two pages before you must send the books to the next participant. I hope this is okay with you guys, I don't think it should be any longer or else it'll take over 3 months for the books to reach everyone.

3. When you receive the books you must email me at and I will email you the name and address of the person you will send the books to.

4. When you are done creating your pages, scan them or take a digital photo of them and email the files to

5. When you ship the books, you must ship them in a way that will give you a tracking number for the books, so we will always know where they are and who has them. Once you ship the books, please email me with the tracking number so I know you have sent them out.

I will create a blog and continually update and post the scans or photos of the pages on the blog, as well as updates on where in the world the books are. Once the books are finished I will create PDF files of all the pages and send them out to everyone who chose that as a reward. Does that work for everyone? Thanks so much guys for supporting the project, I can't wait to see the pages!


P.S. If you need to contact me, it's easiest through email. Sometimes I don't see the kickstarter comments or messages.