Sunday, April 24, 2011


Hey all,

Some mixed news. The second Scrapbook was never found and the person who last had it isn't responding. We have purchased a new Scrapbook to mail out.

Please prevent this from happening by creating your pages and mailing out the book right away! The longer you wait the more likely you will lose the book and the longer everyone else has to wait to receive the book.

If you have not received the scrapbook yet and have changed your mailing address please send us the new one.

Thanks guys, and sorry about the lost book. I'm hoping this new one will be even more spectacular.

Looking forward to seeing your pages!



  1. W00T! :)

    It's great that the project is still moving forward. I can't wait to see the new pages, and I'm much looking forward to doing my little bit when it makes it over to the uk.

  2. I think you have my old address. Where should I email you to get you my new one?